Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Valentine's Day Cards:)

 привет  (in case you are wondering, thats hello in Russian) It is said "privet."
I know a couple words in Russian. I can't spell in the Russian Alphabet, but I know hello, farewell, thank you, sister, no, yes, what, dog, cat, my, friend, and, you and me, and maybe a couple more.

But, anyway, to the card I am going to post. It is yet another Valentine's Day card. I hope you aren't getting too tired of them!
Here it is: (and just so you know, I sharpen my pictures after I upload and resize them)

I used stamps Kim Huges designed for Cornish Heritage Farms. I wouldn't have to be used as a Valentine's Day card.  I inked the top and bottom with a round ink pad to finish it.

                                                             Happy Thursday:)  Bethany

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