Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have A Ball!

Hello. Here is a card I made awhile ago for a Paper Crafts magazine call for submissions.
It did not get picked...but I liked it alot :)

                                    I've got some stuff to eat lunch :) sweep the dining room and kitchen floors :( clean the microwave and clean the outside of the stove...then :)  Lord-willing I can go retreat to my studio and papercraft!!! I want to work on some more cards for the Paper Crafts call for submissions this week...and on Saturday or Sunday I will most likely upload them.


1 comment:

Virginia L. said...

VERY striking color combo with this ball design, Bethany!! You have something great going here! Knowing Paper Crafts, they expect ABSOLUTE perfection! I think you are very close! Good luck on the next one!!