Saturday, April 14, 2012

Duck of the Week: Arwen Undomiel

Hello-and good morning! I have decided to start a post once a week for one of our animals.

Today I am going to introduce you to: Arwen Undomiel.

Here are some photos of her and some with her and me:

Isn't she so sweet!
Her name is from the Lord of the Rings. She is named after the character Arwen Undomiel.

She is a Gray Call Duck (she is as big as she is going to get!)
She has won Reserve Champion (2nd) Junior Waterfowl at a show once, you can see some of her ribbons in one of the photos above.

She is so photogenic! I love to take photos of her! She was hatched on our farm.

          I thought I should share a photo of a card that has a call duck on it:

                                                                Bethany :)

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