Sunday, April 22, 2012

Duck of the Week: Mulder


Today I have another "duck of the week"
This week it is my Gray Call Duck cock Mulder.

Mulder is a Gray Call Duck Cock (which means he is over one year old).

His full name is Fox William Mulder.

His best friend is a Blue Fawn Call Duck drake named Celeborn (who is my sister's duck). Celeborn is named after a character in Lord of the Rings.  You can see Celeborn in one of the photo's above, the one where there are two ducks on top of the pumpkin.
The pumpkin in some of the photos is from our garden. We grow and sell pumpkins, squash, indian corn, gourds, etc. during the fall.
He is a fairly good quality duck, and was hatched here at our farm.

I hope you have been enjoying your weekend! And a BIG congratulations to Emily Leiphart who is now a Hero Hostess! So happy for you Emily!

                                                                     Bethany :)

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