Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Candy Corn Flower Congrats Card

I made a flower out of the candy corn stamp from the Sugar Rush set from Paper Smooches.

I submitted this card to Paper Crafts Magazine, but they didn't pick it. I was really pleased with it though.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 13

This is another of my favorite cards that I made with the digi stamps. The flower is actually made out of a bunch of shamrocks put together. I printed the shamrocks onto different colors of cardstock, cut them out and put them into a flower shape. I then stamped the card with "celebrate," added the flower and punched the corners.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 12

Here are the last two of the Paper Smooches digi stamp cards.
I paper pieced the cupcake, adding clear glitter glue to the white top part of the cupcake. The cardstock kind of curled up when the glitter glue dried. Oh well. I love the card anyway.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 11

This is most likely my favorite card that I made using the Paper Smooches digi stamps. I gave the card a black backround, and used 4 other primary colors-light green, cream, purple, and light purple. I paper pieced the flowers on 3 of the rectangles.

and...I remembered that I have some more cards using Paper Smooches digi stamps that weren't with the others. I have to go take some photos of those and will post them right away.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 10

For this card...I used some digi stamps, but the raindrops and smile faces are real stamps. The eggs and the basket, and the sentiment are digi stamps. I also used some shimmer mist on the edges of the pink strip of cardstock, and on the basket.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 9

This card is kind of a half Valentine's Day/half Christmas card. I added black glitter glue to the middle of the candy canes that form a heart shape.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 8

I gave this card a more aged feel...using distress ink on the edges, and paper piecing and adding glitter to the 3 stars in the middle of the card.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 7

I don't really like the way this card came out, but here it is anyway. I printed the grapes, cut them out, added glue and glitter, and adhered it onto a green cardstock circle.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 6

I LOVE this card!!! :)
I printed the palm branches onto green cardstock, cut them out and adhered them together on a small brown circle, and added a brad. I gave this card a "jungle" feel, and like I said before I love the way it came out.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 5

On this card, I printed the gift bags onto the card, and also onto blue and pink cardstock. I also printed the sentiment onto blue and pink cardstock. I cut out and paper pieced the two gifts, and cut out and added the sentiment to the card.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 4

For this card, I printed the bee onto yellow cardstock and patterned paper, cut out the bee from the patterned paper and and added it over the one on the yellow cardstock. I printed the "bee happy" sentiment onto yellow cardstock, cut it out, added brads and adhered.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 3

I used a lot of pastel colors on this card. I paper pieced the flower and leaf on the bird. I used quite a bit of bakers twine on this card.
The circle the bird is on is not adhered to the card. The only thing holding it up is the twine. The brown strips of cardstock are only adhered to the card on the end the hole is punched into. This makes them "popped up" on one end. It's hard to see this in the photo. Sorry!


Paper Smooches Digi stamps...Card 2

This card is pretty simple. I made the card, printed the stamps onto yellow cardstock, adhered them to the card, inked them, and punched the corner.


Paper Smooches Digi Stamps...Card 1

For the next 11 cards I'll be posting cards all made from Paper Smooches free digi stamps. I made a card with each of the stamps. The first one is a Valentine's Day card.

I used a darker red on this card, with black and gray. The baker's twine, while it may not be a matching red, gives a nice touch, and I inked the edges to finish the card off.


Candy Corn Circle Card

The circle in this card is actually made from the Candy Corn from Paper Smooches's Sugar Rush stamp set.
I stamped it in a circle shape, over and over again until I thought it looked good. Then I adhered it to the card after inking the edges, and stamped the sentiment.  Then to finish it off, I inked the edges of the whole card.


Swirly Miss You Card

On this card, I stamped the swirly flourishes, then added blue ink with a Q-tip, inked over the card with blue ink, inked the center black, and stamped the sentiment. Stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.


A different kind of card...

This card is a little strange looking, in my eyes. It kind of looks like a Picaso-style card. I mostly just used the colors blue and yellow, with a little bit of black. This is another card where I used stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.


Simple Yellow and Kraft Hello Card

I was really happy with the way this card turned out. I like the color combination of the kraft and yellow cardstock with some black. I made the card, stamped it, then cut out and stamped the yellow cardstock, added it to the card, and added rhinstones for a finishing touch. This is another card made with stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.


A swirly Thank you card

This is yet another card made with stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.

 This card is really simple, and all I did was stamp the swirls and thank you after I made the card.


Have a Zoo-riffic day card

This card is made with stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.

I don't like monkeys, but I had a monkey stamp, so here is the card I made with it. I like how the bakers twine looks like it is holding the piece of cardstock the monkey is stamped on onto the card.


Hello Frog card

I wanted this card to have a "fairytale" look.
I paper pieced the frog and lily pad, and stamped the flourishes and added the gemstones. I punched the corners of the cardstock the sentiment and frog are on.


Hey Tweetie :)

This card is more note-card size, but it's so cute and simple!

I love the kraft color paper I used on this card! I stamped the little flower in both black and yellow, and put a strip of yellow cardstock behind the kraft one the bird and sentiment is stamped on for a nice effect.

The stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.


The last Valentine's Day card :)

I never thought I'd finish them all, but here is the last Valentine's Day card. I still have 19 others to post.

The stamps for this card and the one before are from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.
The flower is from Prima, and I stamped it with an XOXO stamp repeatedly until the flower was covered. I tore the paper the flower is on top of, and stamped & colored in the "I love you" to finish it off.


Little Elephants Valentine's Day card

I think this card would be wonderful for a little kid. When I colored in between the elephants with ink, I kind of wanted it to look like a coloring book, or a little kid's coloring. I framed it with some strips of cardstock, and added the "I love you" and heart.


You Warm my Heart card

 I wanted this card to look like the mugs where sitting on a counter. I actually didn't want to ink the "counter" and top of the card, but when I colored in some of the mugs, some of the ink went down onto the "counter" and I had to cover it up by inking over it. It turned out pretty nice, anyway.

~Swirly Hearts~

This card is fairly simple. I made the card, then stamped the hearts, and cut out the cardstock for the sentiment, then stamped "love." The stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.


yet another Valentine's Day card

Here is another Valentine's Day Card. In case you can't tell the stamped things are truffles, chocolates, or whatever you want to call them.

        The stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes. I made the card from cardstock, punched out the circles from brown and pink cardstock, stamped the truffles, adhered the circles and ribbon, stamped the sentiment and inked the edges.



This card has alot of XOXOs stamped on it. This is one of my favorite Valentine's Day cards I  made.

There isn't much to this card. It pretty much speaks for itself. The stamps are designed by Kim Hughes, for Cornish Heritage Farms.


A distressed Valentine's Day card

I hope you aren't too tired of all these Valentine's Day cards...but it is Valentine's Day after all.

More than just the "I love you" is stamped on this card. If you look closely there are hearts stamped on the distressed paper. I distressed not only the paper, but also the flowers.
The stamps are designed by Kim Hughes, for Cornish Heritage Farms.


Another Valentine's Day Card!

Hello again...I'm here with another Valentine's Day Card.

 The stamps for this card (as well as the previous one) are from Cornish Heritage Farms, designed by Kim Hughes.

I stamped the heart backround on this card, as well as the cupcake and sentiment. Then I inked the circle that had the cupcake stamped on it.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day! I really wanted to post yesterday, but I got a cold, and still have it today...but here I am posting anyway. The deadline for the Paper Smooches Guest Designer Search is tomorrow...so I have ALOT to post.  To start it off, I have a Valentine's Day card! :)

I think this is such an adorable card! I punched out the circles, then stamped the cute little ladybugs.
The bottom of the card seems uneven because the card was set on a chair that slants downward. Alot of the cards I'll be posting today will look like this, but the bottoms are even, it just looks like they aren't.

                                                                 Bethany :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This Valentine's Day card is full of swirls! I used stamps Kim Hughes designed for Cornish Heritage Farms.
To finish it off, I used shimmer mist, which showed up as big silver specks in the photo.


More Valentine's Day Cards:)

 привет  (in case you are wondering, thats hello in Russian) It is said "privet."
I know a couple words in Russian. I can't spell in the Russian Alphabet, but I know hello, farewell, thank you, sister, no, yes, what, dog, cat, my, friend, and, you and me, and maybe a couple more.

But, anyway, to the card I am going to post. It is yet another Valentine's Day card. I hope you aren't getting too tired of them!
Here it is: (and just so you know, I sharpen my pictures after I upload and resize them)

I used stamps Kim Huges designed for Cornish Heritage Farms. I wouldn't have to be used as a Valentine's Day card.  I inked the top and bottom with a round ink pad to finish it.

                                                             Happy Thursday:)  Bethany

Valentine's Mailbox Card

Hello again...here is another Valentine's Day card.

On this card, I inked the red cardstock, and the pink strips of paper, and used ink on the edge of the circles.  I used a Q-tip to put the ink around the mailbox. 
The hearts on the mailbox have clear glitter glue on them.  
I cut the corners for a finishing touch, along with spraying some of the card with shimmer mist.


Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts

Yesterday I made 6 cards...one of which I posted yesterday. I want to take some pictures of them today and post.  Today's card has alot of hearts. It's a Valentine's Day card.

Some of the hearts didn't stamp perfectly straight...but that is hardly noticeable.
Hope you like it.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge

Today I have a card that I just made today to enter in the Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge.
I did alot of stamping on this card and I love the way it came out.

The "flower" shaped part of the circle, with the rectangle shapes and the blue colored-in center, is actually the candle from the Paper Smooches Sugar Rush stamp set! The little dots are also from the Sugar Rush set, and they took quite a while to stamp! I then used a plastic cup to trace a circle and then cut it out by hand. Thanks for the fun challenge, Paper Smooches!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Moxie Fab World Cool Tools Challenge

Here is another card for a Moxie Fab World's Cool Tools Challenge. But this is not for the punches challenge, as the previous card was. This one is for the Cutting & Trimming Challenge in the Moxie Fab World 

I used scissors to add the ink and glue for the glitter.
How? Simply put ink onto the scissor blades and rub around on the card. For the glue, it was the same idea...just put the glue onto the scissor blades, and rub onto the card, then add glitter!
(Just make sure you clean off the scissors!)


Moxie Fab World Cool Tools Challenge...

The Punches Challenge in the Moxie Fab World is what the following card is for.

The cupcake is not a punched out and then adhered shape, but it is the left over punched out shape that stays in the paper that is left behind after you punch out something. The circles under the bakers twine are actually punched out pieces, but the cupcake is just the punched shape that is left in the cardstock after the shape comes out. I just adhered a piece of patterned paper behind it.  Like I said, this card is for The Punches Challenge in the Moxie Fab World 
You should play along, the deadline is next week.

Here is the card: (and sorry the picture is so crooked)


Koala Bear Valentine's Card

Hello! Happy Tuesday!
I made some cards yesterday...I'll be posting them soon.
Today I have a Valentine's Day Card.

The stamps are from Cornish Heritage Farms and designed by Kim Hughes.

I am going to enter this card in the Paper Smooches March Guest Designer Search.

(remeber Jesus loves you!) Bethany

Monday, February 6, 2012

Later this month...

I will have (Lord-willing) a new and so-much-better blog title and address. Just thought I should tell you in advance. It will hopefully be before March.
Want a hint at what it will be?
Watch this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkM-gDcmJeM

          Bye for now...and remember that Jesus loves you!



Hooray! They won, they won! If you can't tell :) the NY Giants are the team I was hoping would win the Superbowl...and they did it!

So...I've submitted about 22 cards to Paper Craft's magazine's Stamp It! Cards Call for Submissions.
I submitted them Friday night...and had written out supply lits and directions on Thursday.
I takes such a long time to write everything out and submit, take the photos and resize the photos, THEN submit, but I really think it will pay off someday, when (and if) I ever get published.
I really wish I could post some of them here...I am so pleased with alot of the results.
Paper Smooches has started up their March Guest Designer Search, so that is what I'll be making cards for  a lot this week. I also have to make some more cards for Paper Craft magazine's Stamping Royalty contest. I already made a few...and I LOVE them! I won two Hero Arts cling stamps for like half price on e-bay...and they should come soon.  I have a card to share...it is one of the first cards I every submitted to Papercrafts, and of course, got rejected. I didn't know better then, but instead of writing out step by step directions, I ran it all together in one big paragraph, AND gave measurements on the paper I put on the card.
Like,cut out a 6" by 4 1/2" piece of blue cardstock...you get the picture. I (thankfully) know better now!  Here it is:

The flower is made from tissue paper, which was originally white, put colored with pigment ink.
I did ALOT of layering on this card too.
I was really impressed with the results, but the flower could have been better cut.

Have a nice day:)