Friday, August 31, 2012

Runway Inspired Challenge 18: take two!

Here is my 2nd card for the Runway Inspired Challenge # 18.

Here is the inspiration:

and here is my card:

I masked a space and stamped inside it...and yes, I did use orange this time! I was inspired by the floral pattern and the colors. 

We were gone all day today. We went to see some trains (myself, my sister and my dad take pictures of trains).

Some of the train photos should be put on my Flickr account sometime soon in case you want to see....I just have to remember to upload them :) There is a link to my Flickr photostream on the side of my blog. 

Well, I think I am going to make some more cards. We are just relaxing and watching something. 

Have a great weekend! 

Jesus saves!

Bethany :) 

Runway Inspired Challenge 18

I'm here with a card for the Runway Inspired challenge # 18.

Here is the inspiration:

I don't like I just used the blue and green colors! 

I stamped and masked a bit...and came out with this card :)

Jesus saves!

Bethany :) 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays: Banners and Flags (take three!)

Here is my 3rd card for this week's CAS-ual Fridays challenge...

I masked the banner shapes, stamped and colored them in with Copics, and also added the dots around the card with Copics, and stamped the sentiment.

By the way...I'm thinking about giving my blog a new look. Do you think I should?



                                                              Jesus saves!

                                                                Bethany :)


CAS-ual Fridays: Banners and Flags (take two!)

Hello! I'm back again with another card for this week's CAS-ual Fridays challenge.
I've been making cards quite a bit lately...(yeah!) and really, really hoping, that since I'm making cards to submit to Papercrafts magazine, that maybe, just maybe, one of them will get picked up this time!

Anyway, here is my card:

I cut out the banners/pennants by hand, then stamped them, and adhered them to the card base.
I finished everything off with a sentiment. :)

I'll be back in a couple minutes with another card :)

Jesus saves!

Bethany :) 

Friday, August 24, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays: Banners & Flags!

Hello everyone!
It's been awhile since I did a blog post, or even made a card! But I've got a card to share today for this week's CAS-ual Fridays challenge and for the Repetition Challenge in the Moxie Fab World.

Here is my card:

A little bit of info on this card: It was made around midnight to 1 in the morning.
Why? Well, me and my sister wanted to try and stay up all night one day this summer before school starts again...and last night was when we did it. Soooo we were watching the Andy Griffith Show and  a little while after the CAS-ual Fridays challenge went live, I decided to make a card. So I took some of my crafting supplies out into the living room, where me and my sister were "camped out" and I made it. And guess what...I used Copics for the very. first. time. last night! What happened was...we are, Lord-willing, going into the city where I can do a bit of crafty shopping on Saturday. Well, I got an 
e-mail from Michael's Craft store last night with a special deal on Copics-buy one get one 50% off. 
My mom was afraid that I might buy some, so she gave me the ones she was saving for a Christmas present for me as an early Christmas gift :) (thanks mom!) 
So I used Copics for the first time! 

So...I made this card by using the wider tips on my Copics and coloring them monochromatic-ly 
(is that even a word?)  on some white cardstock, then cut out the banners by hand. 
 I colored a bit of thread with my Copics too, and I adhered the banners to it. Once it dried enough so it stayed together, I adhered it to the card, and stamped the sentiment. 

I am sooo thankful and glad to be playing along with a challenge! It seems like it has been such a long time since I did! 
I am finally starting to comment and read posts on blogs again regularly, which I wasn't doing for awhile. 

Jesus saves!

Bethany :) 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Papertrey Ink Make it Monday: Stamping with Bleach!

Here is a card I made for this week's PTI Make it Monday. 

I stamped with bleach first, then added some details with black ink. I now love stamping with bleach...this is the first time I've ever tried it and it is so much fun!



                                                        Jesus saves!

                                                          Bethany :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays: A color challenge! (take two!)

Hello again!
I'm here with another card for this week's CAS-ual Fridays challenge.

More overlapping stamping, like the previous card! I love stamping like is so much fun! 
That is what I did alot on this card...lots and lots of overlapping stamping. 

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? We really have. I was so happy that the US women won the team gold in gymnastics. Me and my sister stayed up until midnight watching stuff last night.

I still haven't really been making cards, or commenting on blogs much, but I am still around! 
Tomorrow we are doing something, and the next day is my sweet sister's birthday! She is going to be 14. That means she can go hunting with me and my dad this year! She still isn't quite sure she wants too.  She just wanted to stay home for her birthday, and our grandma and grandpa and one of our aunts are coming over later in the day.  

Soooo, that is kinda what is going on in the next two days. Me and my sister went over to one of our friend's house today. We watched Olympics, did stuff on our laptops (like looked at stuff on Pinterest!)  and just kinda relaxed. 

I think I am going to clean off the laptop really needs it!!!

Jesus saves!

Bethany :) 

CAS-ual Fridays: A color challenge!

Hello everyone!

I have a card for this week's CAS-ual Fridays challenge. The challenge was a color challenge, using the colors lime, aqua and navy! Such a wonderful combo, and perfect for summer! Blue is my favorite color, and green is also a color I love, so this was such a wonderful challenge for me!

I really love to overlap when stamp, but I don't do it that much. I think overlapping stamping looks wonderful on a clean and simple card.
It was pretty neat...I just bought a green Stampin' Up! green ink pad earlier in July and hadn't used it much until this challenge.  This was a wonderful opportunity to use it! 

Jesus saves!

Bethany :)