Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just For You

Hey there! Hope you had a nice day. I've got a card today that I made for a DT Call, but I was once again rejected. :( The cool part about this card: It was made in under 10 Minutes! woohoo! 

We went to a used homeschool book sale today. It was lots of fun.
My mom and some people from our church sold some stuff, and I watched some kids that are nieces and nephews to some of my best friends. They are so adorable. We did some stuff, like playing tag with them and some of my best friends.
I also got to hang out with my best friends, William, Emma and Jacob. Emma cut her leg pretty bad on a nail last week so she couldn't do much. But we did do some stuff. But it never seems like enough time when you are with your best friends. They have a snack shop where the sale is and I got to buy candy for the kids I watched. :) 

Anyway, thats all for me tonight. 

Jesus saves!

-Bethany :) 

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