Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Minnesota Vacation

Hey again! I've wanted to post some photos of my vacation this summer to Minnesota, and decided to do it tonight since I have some time. :) We went to the Rochester Minnesota Area first, since all my dad's family is up there, and their fair was at that time, so we got to go to the fair for a couple days before heading to Minneapolis to go to the Mall of America which was AMAZING!

On the way, I got my first Starbucks drink...and it was SO good! I think it was called a Mint Cookie Crumble or some such thing. Delicious. 

We stayed overnight somewhere in Wisconsin and this Steam Engine was on display in the city where we stayed. Thats me (in the pink shirt) and my sis. 

Here's me (in the gray shirt with the blue jacket around my waist) and my mum (right in the front) and my sister (behind my mum) and one of my great aunts (in the black shirt) watching the rabbit show at the fair. 

They had this really neat horse show that we watched. The people had to dress up and pick a song that they performed to on their horse. So much fun to watch. 

Above is a horse all ready to be shown. 

My dad's Uncle's son has a pig farm and we got to help sort a truck load of piglets! They smell SO bad. And you are talking to someone who is around smelly chickens and ducks, so I'm used to farm smells. 
Literally, after we got done, we had to take a shower, and I  had to wash my hair about 2 times, and by the time I got out my hands still smelled like the pig smell. 

After some days at the fair we headed up to St. Paul/Minneapolis. Here is the lovely St. Paul skyline. 

Then we went to Minneapolis and checked into our hotel. Then we took off for the Mall of America! This was mostly a scouting trip, so that we could figure out everything when we went there the next day for our big shopping trip. Above we are eating at one of the many food courts. I'm in the white and blue print shirt on the left. In the middle is my sis, and on the right is my mum. 

Here we are in front of one of the stores in the Mall. They had great Minnesota stuff. 

And here we are, at the beginning of our big day at the Mall. 

The Mall is really beautiful. I love how there are different themes to various areas of the mall. 

The Amusement park is very neat. Me and my dad went on some of the rides later (my sis and mum don't like rides much) and we went on the log chute (which has a big drop at the end...ack!) and we went on this great roller coaster, which was GREAT! I loved it. I don't like really crazy, up side down coasters, and this one was great because it had NONE of that. Just lots of twists and turns. 

One of the many food courts. 

I also got to meet Linda, a papercrafter from the Hero Arts Flickr group. We ate lunch together then headed off to go shop at Archivers. I spent most of my money in there. lol. But it was well worth it. 

Here is my sis, me and my mum with some Auntie Annes pretzels we bought. SOOOO good! 
And that concludes the photos of the Mall. 

On the way back we went to the Indiana Dunes. Here we are on one of the beaches. Amazing. 

Here's a lovely view of the Dunes. It was beautiful. 

Anyway, hope you liked seeing my photos! 

Jesus saves!

-Bethany :) 


Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

I LOVED seeing your photos! Wow! That was an amazing trip! I am inspired to get to Minnesota!

Cindy C said...

Great pictures....I want to go to the mall! And those little pigs are so cute (who cares how stinky)! LOL