Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Papercrafts & Scrapbooking Magazine Special Thanks Blog Hop

Hello. I seriously never, ever thought I would be writing a post like this. Not once did I imagine something like this would happen. 
Papercrafts & Scrapbooking magazine is closing. (after the February issue I believe) 
I couldn't believe it when I read the e-mail. I was shocked. I remember I think seeing something on Facebook about PC&S so I went and checked my e-mail and saw the news. Ouch. 
I was shocked and almost not believing it at first. 
It's really sinking in now. I'm going to miss all Papercrafts and Scrapbooking magazine so, so much. I'm not really good with words like this, but just know that I'm heartbroken. 
I just wish it was some kind of nightmare, or that they would change the decision to shut down (which I know is not possible, but I just wish it so hard!). 
I still can't believe I'm writing these words. I won't really ever be able to accept that PC&S is just....gone. 
The magazine and the people who made it happened really helped to hold the whole papercrafting community together. They were like glue. 
I just want to send a giant goodbye *hug* to everyone at Papercrafts and Scrapbooking magazine.  Thank you so, so much for everything you have done. You will be deeply missed. 

So I have a card that I made for the hop today (excuse the bad photos)...

I'm not going to share about how I made the card and such, I just want it to be here for you to look at as like a farewell/thank you gift. 

Also, I worked with Taheerah and made a farewell slideshow in case you'd like to see it: 

You should have come here from Laine Webb  and you will be headed to Melania Deasy next. 

Again, thank you SO much Papercrafts & Scrapbooking. <3 <3 <3 

And thank you to Taheerah for putting this together! :) 

Jesus saves!



~amy~ said...

Such an awesome your card for today and the rocks.

Shelly said...

SO sweet!

Kara said...


Jennifer Rzasa said...

Gorgeous! And thanks so much for putting together the slideshow :)

Virginia Lu said...

Love your artsy card, Bethany! It's so thoughtful and sweet! And thank you for putting this amazing video together! HUGS!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Fabulous card.

LauraJane:) said...

Thank you for all your work in putting the video together!

yyam said...

Such a lovely card! Really love how you did the background!